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New general conditions of service (March 2016)




The general conditions (with effect from 31/03/2016) apply to sales via www.EuropaTicket.com. Our range of products is without engagement and is not binding. An order placed by a client means a request to celebrate a purchase agreement. The message that we send confirming the reception of your order request does not mean an acceptance of the request. The purchase agreement will be executed when we send the client a confirmation of the order. The client is bind to fill in the order form completely and with truthful details. We cannot take responsibility for damages caused by misinformation from the client. Our company does not render all the services offered and, therefore, reserves the right to outsource orders via qualifies third parties.




An order issued by a client shall be binding from the moment in which a positive action (acceptance or confirmation of order) is taken. Refunds or changes in tickets are not accepted. Once you booking request have been sent, you will receive a message informing if the ticket order can be placed. The ticket payment shall be done in accordance with the payment method you have chosen (see section 3). For orders online, seats cannot be chosen within the selected price category. In case the selected price category is no longer available, you will be notified and informed about other alternatives. A compensation for non-enjoyed (e.g. due to late arrival) or partially used tickets cannot be guaranteed.


Payment terms


We start rendering our service after receiving the payment from the client with the agreed amount before the agreement celebration. The payment will be done in Euros. All prices include the turnover tax. All prices are valid in the order date including taxes plus all expenses derived from shipping (in case of additional merchandise delivery). All these will be available before the celebration of the agreement in the shopping cart and later on in the order confirmation message sent to the client.

We accept the following payment methods: credit card (Eurocard/MasterCard, Visa, Diners Club and JCB), Sofort Banking and bank transfer. For payments with credit card, an encrypted transfer (SSL encryption) is available, responding to state-of-the-art technology, by which your details will be protected from non authorised access. In case of choosing the bank transfer method, the client shall make the payment within a week since receiving the order confirmation message.


Renewal / Waiver


Orders from the contracting party shall be binding and could not be cancelled or modified, without prejudice to legal rescission rights.

A purchase agreement, as well as ticket intermediation, is in accordance to article 18 section 1 Z 10 of the Austrian Remote and Foreign Business Act (FAGG), a service rendered in relation to leisure activities, therefore no legal rescission right is given by virtue of article 11 of the FAGG to the contracting party (inasmuch as he/she is a consumer).

RM EUROPA TICKET GmbH can offer the contracting party the possibility of resale on a commission and at the own risk of the contracting party. In case of resale on a commission, the refund will only be of the ticket price obtained in the resale deducting a commission. RM EUROPA TICKET GmbH will inform of the commission amount to the contracting party in advance. In case the contracting party decides to choose the resale on commission by RM EUROPA TICKET GmbHH, this decision shall be binding and irrevocable. The order of resale on commission by RM EUROPA TICKET GmbH takes place without engagement and RM EUROPA TICKET GmbH does not take responsibility for the resale final result, as well as the ticket resale price.


Changes in the programme


The client is aware that each organiser generally reserves the right to make changes in the cast and programme and, when celebrating the agreement, the client agrees to accept significant changes when these are reasonable and are objectively justified (e.g. transfer to event venue, changes in cast, change in starting time, etc.).

EuropaTicket.com only acts as intermediary between the organiser and the buyer and is not responsible, in case of event cancelation, for the refund of the ticket cost when it has already been transferred to the organiser. In case the money belonging to the client has not been transferred yet to the organiser and the event is cancelled, the refund will be done via EuropaTicket.com.

EuropaTicket.com is not bound to inform the ticket holder about potential cancellations/delays/transfers. The ticket holder must gather this information directly from the organiser before the event.

No intermediary commissions recognised and included in the sale price will be refunded, as well as the shipping expenses, in case of event cancellation by the organiser, as the intermediary service has been provided. The taxes amount shall be refunded in case the intermediation by EuropaTicket.com was defective.



Shipment of tickets


Booked tickets will be collected in the box office of the event’s venue. If you wish, we can also send the tickets to the address provided in the order or to the corresponding hotel.

Some organisers offer the possibility of purchasing online tickets. In case that this possibility is available for the ordered tickets, this option will be shown in the purchase form.

Shipment expenses of the different options are shown separately in the purchase form.




The contents of the agreement, as well as other information, customer service, details information and claims will be generally in German and English.


Guarantee / Responsibility


With some organisers, tickets can only be bindingly purchased 1 month, the sooner, before the event date.

RM EUROPA TICKET GmbH accepts no liability against companies. RM EUROPA TICKET GmbH shall be liable against companies only in case of damages caused intentionally or by serious negligence. All responsibility is completely excluded for property damages due to a slight or serious negligence.

The guarantee against customers is based on the legal dispositions in force.

In case it is not possible to process or act as intermediary for the tickets requested by the contracting party due to technical, organisation or other reasons regarding RM EUROPA TICKET GmbH, the contracting party shall receive as a refund the price paid for the ticket together with the commission paid to RM EUROPA TICKET GmbH without deduction.


Data Protection


The contracting party acknowledges and agrees that the details provided in the order request form will be used, treated and electronically registered for the execution of the agreement and our client base. The name and surname of the contracting party (or company name), address, e-mail, telephone number, user name and password will be used and stored.



Our workers are subject to confidentiality obligations of the personal data protection act. Additionally, the simple fact of exchanging messages is subject to confidentiality obligation.

Our website uses cookies. Nevertheless, the data stored will be deleted after the purchase process in the online store. Your personal details shall be exclusively used to reply your queries, process the agreements celebrated with you and technical administration. Your personal details will only be transferred to third parties (suppliers, private mailing services, post, organisers) – especially the transmission of order details to suppliers – when it is essential for invoicing or you have previously requested it.

You have the right to waive at any time the granted consent with future effects. The stored personal details shall be deleted when you waive your consent for its storage, when its acknowledge is not necessary to comply with the goals pursued by storing them or when its storage is illegal by any legal cause.

Our contracting partners know our privacy policy and are engaged to us for this purpose. If you have any queries, please contact us at the information point about data privacy, general queries, claims, etc.: office@europaticket.com.


Applicable legislation / Jurisdiction


The contracting parties agree to apply Austrian substantive law, unless stated otherwise in the mandatory legal provisions.

If the user has its address or habitual residence in Austrian territory or works in Austria, the courts will only have jurisdiction for a claim against him/her in accordance to articles 88, 89, 93 section 2 and 104 section 1 of the Austrian competence act (Jurisdiktionsnorm) in the jurisdiction area he/she lives, works or regularly resides.

For potential legal conflicts related to the agreement, all mandatory provisions in terms of consumer protection in the consumer address shall be applied.


Conflict resolution authority


We recognise the Internet Ombudsman as authority for the out-of-court resolution of conflicts. If you have any queries about the resolution of conflicts, please contact our customer care centre: office@europaticket.com or the Internet’s Justice of Peace in: www.ombudsmann.at.



Original binding text


In case there are differences between these General Conditions in German and its version in other language, the original text in German shall be binding.


Severability clause


In case some provisions of the agreement with the client, including this general conditions, are or result to be inefficient partial or totally, or are in a legal gap, only the inefficient partial or totally inefficient will cease to be in force. This shall not affect, however, the validity of the remaining clauses.




All messages, graphics and design in europaticket.com website are exclusively set for personal information of our clients. You use it at your own risk. All the details of this offer are covered by the protection provided by articles 4 and 87a of the Copyright Act. Reproduction, copy and print of the whole website is only authorised with the purpose of processing an order with RM EUROPA TICKET GmbHt. Any other edition, copy, distribution and/or public reproduction that exceeds reasonable usage shall constitute a copyright infringement.


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