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Information on the Cookies

1. Introduction

The website, www.europera-ticket.com, is run by EUROPERA Ticket GmbH. Our commitment is to protect and respect the privacy rights of the user. This Cookie Policy (together with our Privacy Policy and any other documents to which it refers), defining the basis for use of cookies on our Web site. Please read this document carefully and if you have questions about this statement or if it is not accepted, contact us at e-mail office@europera-ticket.com before using our Web Site. 

This information may occasionally be subject to change, which will be made ​​by us by updating this page. It is your responsibility to check this page every time to ensure that these changes do not represent a problem. This policy is effective from 1st August 2013.


2. What are Cookies?

Cookies are small files that store information on your hard drive or browser and enable our website to recognize a user who has already consulted. Cookies simplify maintenance by the preferences of our Web Site, and seeing how people use the Web Site, we are able to create an experience tailored to the preferences of the users as well as to measure the use of the Website.


3. Reason for the use of Cookie

We collect information about your computer, including where available your IP address, operating system and browser type for system administration tasks, record session information and / or to provide assistance to users regarding questions related to our services. In some cases it is just statistical information on how to navigate our website. 

For the same reasons, we are able to obtain information on the use of the Website by a user using a cookie file which is stored on the hard drive of your computer. Cookies contain information that is transferred to the hard drive of your computer. Cookies help us to improve our Website and to deliver a better and more personalized. They enable us: 

to estimate the numbers and patterns of use; 

to store information about your preferences, thus managing to customize our website according to the user's individual interests; 

to recognize you when you return to the Website.


4. Type of Cookies used 

The cookies used on our website are as follows: 

Name of Cookie: __utma 

Type of Cookie: Google Analytics 
Reason for use: this cookie is used by Google Analytics to track the number of visits made by a user on the site of the cookie, the date and time of the first visit and when it was last visited. Google Analytics uses the information from this cookie to calculate parameters such as new sessions / visits. 

Name of Cookie: __utmb and __utmc 

Type of Cookie: Google Analytics 
​Reason for use: these cookies work together to calculate the duration of a visit. __utmb acquires a timestamp (date and time) the exact moment when the visitor comes to your site, while __utmc acquires a timestamp of the exact moment when the visitor leaves the site. __utmb expire at the end of the session. __utmc wait 30 minutes, then expires. __utmc has no way of knowing when a user closes the browser or leave a web site and then waiting 30 minutes for another visit to the page, and, if it does occur, will expire 

Name of Cookie: __utmz 

Type of Cookie: Google Analytics 
Reason of use: This cookie keeps track of the point of origin of the visitor, the search engine used, what link was selected as keyword used and in what location it was when you access the web site. It expires after 15,768 000 seconds or after 6 months. In this way, Google Analytics knows to whom and at what source / medium / keyword to assign credit for a conversion lens or an e-commerce transaction. 

Name of Cookie: NLSessionCwwwsmurfitkappa 

Type of Cookie: Session Cookies 
Reason of use: This is a session cookie created by the server UAG (Unified Access Gateway Unified Access Gateway) SKG. The UAG server is the first point of access to the Web site and these cookies are used to keep track of user sessions and the server to which each user is offline. This cookie is deleted when the user leaves the site. The deadline is "at the end of the session." 

Type of Cookie: Name CookieWhlWFLB 

Type of Cookie: Session Cookies 
Reason of use: This is a session cookie created by the server UAG (Unified Access Gateway Unified Access Gateway) SKG. The UAG server is the first point of access to the Web site and these cookies are used to keep track of user sessions and the server to which each user is offline. This cookie is deleted when the user leaves the site. The deadline is "at the end of the session." 


5. Management of the use of Cookies 

You may refuse to accept, or may disable cookies by activating the setting on your browser, rejecting thus the setting of cookies. However, if you disable cookies, you may not be able to access certain parts of the Website or may not be able to make use of our services. If the user does not configure the settings of your browser to refuse cookies, our system generates cookies as soon as you access the Web Site. 

To learn how to disable cookies on a specific browser, select "help" from the browser menu or visit www.allaboutcookies.org. 

This website uses Google Analytics to collect information about how you use the Website. The cookies used by this product acquire information in an anonymous format and are used by different websites. To stop tracking by Google Analytics on all websites Please visit http://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout. 

If you have questions about privacy or the use of cookies on this Web Site, contact the e-mail address office@europera-ticket.com.



Information about cookies

1. What is a cookie?
2. How can I disable cookies?

Information about cookies


What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file that is stored on your computer when visiting a website. This text file stores information that can be read by the website when visiting it again at a later date. Some of these cookies are necessary because otherwise the site is unable to function properly. Other cookies are convenient for the visitor: they remember your username in a secure way as well as your language preferences, for example. Cookies mean that you do not need to fill out the same information each time you visit a website.

Why do we use cookies?

We use cookies to help us provide you with a better user experience tailored to your personal preferences. By using cookies, we make sure that you do not receive or need to enter the same information every single time you visit our website. Cookies are also used to optimise the performance of the website. For example, cookies make the checkout process easier or help you to find a specific item of clothing faster.

To protect your personal details as well as against any possible loss of information or any form of unlawful processing, we  have taken appropriate organisational and technical measures.

For further information see our Privacy Policy.


How can I disable cookies?

You can modify your browser to turn off cookies. This is very easy to do. Please note: if you disable cookies, your user name and password will no longer be stored on any website



1. Open Firefox.
2. At the top of the Firefox window, click on the ‘Firefox’ button and then select ‘Options’.
3. Select the ‘Privacy’ panel.
4. Set ‘Firefox will:’ to ‘Use custom settings for history’. Uncheck ‘Accept cookies from sites’ to disable cookies.
5. Click ‘OK’ to close the Options window.



Internet Explorer:

1. Open Internet Explorer.
2. Click the ‘Tools’ button, and then click ‘Internet Options’.
3. Click the ‘Privacy’ tab, and then, under ‘Settings’ move the slider to the top to block all cookies, and then click ‘OK’.



Google Chrome:

1. Open Google Chrome.
2. Click on the tool icon.
3. Select Settings’.
4. Near the bottom of the page, click ‘Show advanced settings’.
5. In the ‘Privacy’ section, click ‘Content settings’.
6. To disable cookies, select ‘Block sites from setting any data’.



1. Open Safari.
2. Choose ‘Preferences’ in the toolbar and then click ‘Privacy’ (You can find the tool bar which looks like a gearwheel, above and on the right in the Safari window.)
3. In the ‘Block cookies’ section, you can specify if and when Safari should accept cookies from websites To see an explanation of the options, click the Help button (question mark)
4. If you want to see which websites store cookies on your computer, click Details.

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