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France Opera Festivals

Season 2017
Season 2018
Recital Florian Sempey
Next performance: Sat 08 JUL 2017, 18:00
Florian Sempey, baritone. Jeff Cohen, piano Program: Mozart, Gounod, Meyerbeer, Thomas, Rossini, Donizetti ...
Next performance: Sat 08 JUL 2017, 21:45
At a ball in his palace, the Duke sings of a life of pleasure with as many women as possible: "Questa o quella" ("This woman or that"). He has seen an unknown beauty in church and ...
Bryn Terfel Concert
Next performance: Mon 10 JUL 2017, 21:45
Music Director: Mikko Franck. Soloist Bryn Terfel, baritone. Philharmonic Orchestra of Radio France, Choeurs des Opéras d'Avignon, Monte-Carlo et Nice...
Beethoven - 9th Symphony
Next performance: Sun 16 JUL 2017, 21:45
Music Director: Myung Whun Chung ...
The Fantom of the Opera - film with live musical accompaniment
Next performance: Tue 25 JUL 2017, 21:45
Improvised piano music by Jean-François Zygel The Phatom of the Opera, 1925 États-Unis – 93 min. Version reconstituée, Noir et blanc et teintée...
Next performance: Wed 02 AUG 2017, 21:30
Ramfis, the high priest of Egypt, tells Radamès, the young warrior, that war with the Nubians seems inevitable, and Radamès hopes that he will be chosen as the Egyptian commander (Ramfis, Radamès :...
Symphonic Concert The Planets of Holst
Next performance: Fri 04 AUG 2017, 21:30
Music Director: Jesko Sirvend Program: Holst, The Planets...
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