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Alice in Wonderland Tickets

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Alice in Wonderland

Venue: Royal Swedish Opera

Gustav Adolfs torg 2, 103 22
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One summer afternoon in Oxford in 1862 inviting Dean, Henry Liddell and his wife at tea in the garden. Lewis Carroll, a lecturer in mathematics and a friend of the family maintains the three daughters Lorina, Alice and Edith with storytelling and magic tricks. When Jack, the gardener's boy, shows up with a basket of roses picking Alice's mother removed the red because she did not think it fits in with the whites. Jack and Alice are friends, so he gives her the rose is rejected, and in return she gives him a jam pastry. Alice's mother takes the opportunity and accuses Jack of theft so she can drive him out.

Guests arrive. Alice is upset that Jack has fallen out of favor and Lewis Carroll comforts her by offering to photograph her. He disappears behind the curtain cam and come to Alice's surprise up again as the White Rabbit. Then he jumps into the camera bag and disappears. Alice follows and falls down to a mysterious corridor. Through a keyhole, she can see a magical garden, but all the doors in the locked.

Suddenly rushing Jack, dressed as Jack of Hearts, through the room with the Queen of Hearts, her bodyguards and the White Rabbit in heels. The soldier has been accused of stealing a plate with jam pastries. Alice wants to follow, but the door slamming in front of her and the only unlocked door is too small to let her through. A bottle is revealed. Alice drink from it and becomes so small that she did not even last up to the door handle. When she tastes a piece of cake she grows and becomes gigantic. Alice crying uncontrollably, but by waving a fan shrinks until she becomes so small that she can swim in the lake formed by her tears.

She may eventually joined by various animals gathered on the beach. In the hope that the motion will cause them to dry and make them a little happier Alice is organizing a committee race. Then pops up again White Rabbit and Alice leads further into Wonderland.

Outside a cottage in the country delivers a lackey of an invitation to Hearts Dams croquet tournament. He invited the cottage and let Alice take care of the invitation card. Inside the cottage is Countess to take care of a screaming baby while the Cook laws sausage. Countess is delighted over the royal invitation, but the cook is jealous and bitter.

The atmosphere is becoming increasingly violent, apart from a moment of calm that occurs when the Cheshire Cat reveals itself. Alice worries about the baby and rescues it from the Countess, but when it turns into a pig Countess takes it back and carries it into the kitchen where it will be turned into sausage.

White Rabbit appears again and is nervous about his duties at the Queen's croquet party. He tells Alice not to follow him to the royal park for it is dangerous to be in the vicinity of the angry Queen. The soldier rushes in with a tray jam pastries, still with the guards behind. Alice and The soldier hiding in the Countess's house. The royal party arriving and Countess of leaving a gift of sausage, but the Queen gives disgusted orders the company to draw on. White Rabbit approves The soldier so he can dodge, but it's too dangerous for Alice to follow.

Alice asked Cheshire cat on the road, but his description is so vague that she only gets even more confused. Suddenly she finds herself at a tea party with the Mad Hatter together with an Easter bunny and a sleepy dormouse. Alice runs away from the Mad Tea Party and finds that she is alone and lost. An exotic caterpillar who sits perched on a mushroom get her in a better mood, and before he disappears, he gives her a piece of sponge.

Alice is back in the room with the doors. She nibbling on sponge, doors and walls disappear. At last she finds herself in the garden.

The soldier shows up, still on the run from his pursuers. He is just as happy to see Alice as she is to see him. Queen of Hearts arriving with his bodyguard and orders the The soldier will be captured, but he holds. The White Rabbit rushes by Alice and takes with him.

In Hearts Dams garden splashing three jumpy gardeners red color of the rose bushes. They have planted white by mistake, and Queen of Hearts hates white roses.

The Queen arrives with the King, the Royal Court, The Countess and the cook and gives orders to the gardeners to be executed. While the executioner is busy cook's overtures, Alice and the White Rabbit the grateful nurserymen sight.

After the queen has shown off their dancing skills she appoints and Countess was his krocketlag. For Hearts Women's chagrin, the Countess who wins the first point. Meanwhile, risk Lans life by hiding in a hedge and signals to Alice.

Countess complains that the Queen cheat in croquet and queen orders the Countess to be beheaded. King soothes the queen while Alice helps countess to get away. Knight find back to Alice, but this time, he discovered and Queen orders the guards to drag him to the palace where he will stand trial. When the Cheshire Cat again revealed, Alice takes this opportunity to follow Lans.

The White Rabbit prepares the courtroom before the trial. The witnesses makes his entrance, then comes Alice and everyone take their seats. Then the Lans and the trial can begin. The first witness is the Mad Hatter. Then comes the caterpillar, Easter Bunny, Hazel Mouse, lackeys, Countess and the cook. All accused Lans.

The king offers him to speak in his defense. When it turns out that his testimony does not make any intervening Alice with all his energy. She insists on The Jack is innocent. If there is someone who is guilty, it is she. They produce their testimony and wins the hearts of all except Hearts Dams.

She let themselves be impressed by the Court of Appeal, so she grabs an ax to deal the killing carved in person. The White Rabbit and the witnesses are trying to hide The Jack and Alice, but the Queen of Hearts detects them and does all she can to reverse the court against them. Without seeing any other resort shoulders Alice a witness to one side, and the whole court dissolves. They are, after all, just playing cards.

Amidst the commotion wakes Alice.

Total Performance length of about 2 hours 50 minutes including pause.
The show is recommended from 7 years.

Program details


CHOREOGRAPHY: Christopher Wheeldon
MUSIC: Joby Talbot
SCENARIO: Nicholas Wright
LIGHT: Natasha Katz
PROJECTION DESIGN: Jon Driscoll, Gemma Carrington
PUPPET: Toby Olie

CONDUCTOR: David Briskin

Royal Swedish Opera

Royal Swedish Opera (Swedish: Kungliga Operan) is Sweden's national stage for opera and ballet.

The building is located in the center of Sweden's capital Stockholm in the borough of Norrmalm, on the eastern side of Gustav Adolfs torg across from the former Arvfurstens Palats, now Ministry for Foreign Affairs. It lies on the north side of the Norrström river and is connected to the Royal Palace through the Norrbro bridge.

Famous singers who originally were (or still are) part of the opera's ensemble are Jussi Björling, Gösta Winbergh, Nicolai Gedda, Peter Mattei, Jenny Lind, Birgit Nilsson, Elisabeth Söderström, Anne Sofie von Otter, Katarina Dalayman and Nina Stemme.

The orchestra of the Royal Swedish Opera, the Royal Swedish Orchestra, Kungliga Hovkapellet, dates back to 1526. Royal housekeeping accounts from 1526 mention twelve musicians including wind players and a timpanist but no string players. Consequently, the Royal Swedish Orchestra is one of the oldest orchestras in Europe.

The Royal Swedish Ballet, Kungliga Baletten, was founded by Gustav III of Sweden in 1773.


Dress Code
There is no dress code at the Royal Swedish Opera.

Photography and Recording
It is not allowed to take pictures or to record audio or video at the performances.




MAIN STAGE Gustav Adolfs torg 2

ROTUNDAN Jakobs torg 8

STAGE GÄDDVIKEN Kvarnholmsvägen 56, Nacka

BOX OFFICE Gustav Adolfs torg 2

STAGE ENTRANCE Jakobs torg 4


Metro: Take the Blue Line to end station Kungsträdgården.

Bus: Line 53, 62 and 65 Bus Stop Gustav Adolfs torg, Line 2, 55, 57 and 76 Bus Stop Karl XII:s torg. 

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