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Our Highlights

Discover the innovative 1,300 m² adventure world in Vienna near Graben/Michaelerplatz. Time Travel Vienna will enable you to feel and experience Vienna’s eventful history in a unique way by means of 5D cinema,animatronic wax figures, diverse rides and multimedia shows as well as extraordinary sound and light effects. Time Travel Vienna appeals to people of any age, locals and tourists: anybody who wants to learn something about the history of Vienna. Shows last 50 minutes and are compact and prepared in an exciting manner while humorously accompanied by tour guides.

The period from the roman camp Vindobona to present time is presented in an humorous manner which makes it a fascinating experience for young and old. Welcome to your journey to the heart of Vienna! Let your personal tour guide take you through the historical masonries of the monastery St. Michael, where you will discover a magical world full of insights, sensations and emotions. In a unique interaction of historical content and top modern entertainment technology Time Travel Vienna makes history come alive.


5D Cinema

Experience the magic of the Time Ride, the award-winning 5D attraction (Animago Award), with which you will quickly fly 2.000 years back into the past and become yourself part of history through breath-taking 3D and special effects. Travel to medieval Vienna during the time of the plague and take part in the Turkish Siege of 1683.

Habsburger Show

See the Habsburg family come alive before your eyes in the Imperial Theatre. On a stage which is based on the Imperial Theatre at Schönbrunn Palace, Sisi (Elisabeth of Austria), Franz Josef, Maria Theresa and Emperor Maximilian will talk with lots of wit and humour about everyday imperial life and the history of the House of Habsburg. What was the recipe for success of the individual rulers and who founded the Habsburg marriage policy? Learn more about the 640-year history of the Habsburg monarchy in Austria and get to know the Habsburg family tree in an entertaining way. The imperial family awaits you for a personal audience.

The plague pit

Time Travel takes you right back in time to Vienna's last major plague epidemic in 1679. How does a plague doctor look like and how does it feel to be in the middle a plague pit? At Time Travel you can experience how life in Vienna was at the time of the great plague and why the plague can be survived with humor, wine and songs.

Mozart & Strauss

Experience a humorous conversation between the two world-famous composers - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - the prodigy from Salzburg and Johann Strauss Son, the real Viennese among the great composers, also known as the "King of Waltz". Look forward to a witty dialogue between the two composers Mozart & Strauss, accompanied by their best musical delicacies. Mozart is known for his works - "The Little Night Music"or "The Magic Flute". Johann Strauss Son has made history as the composer of the wellknown "Danube Waltz".

VR Music Ride

Experience at Time Travel a Virtual Reality Ride about the "Vienna - the city of music". Immerse yourself in Viennese music history with VR glasses. According to the latest market trends of virtual reality, a 360 ° space experience awaits you. Join us on a journey of classical music, accompanied by waltzing couples, typical Viennese Heurigen music and modern pop music. Meet the great music geniuses Mozart, Beethoven and "Rock me Amadeus" - Falco live.

War Years

Experience an air raid at Time Travel Vienna towards the end of World War II in the original air raid shelter. How did it feel to be in a bunker to survive the air raids? How many people could find refuge there? How much of Vienna was bombed? When was the end of the Second World War and who announced it? What happened to Austria during the post-war period?

Occupied Vienna

Learn more about Vienna in the years 1945-1955, as the city was occupied by Allied powers and divided into 4 zones.  Which victorious power took over which district in Vienna? What happend in the center of Vienna? Who were the four in the jeep? Experience the festive moment when the State Treaty was signed on May 15, 1955. At Timetravel you will see the balcony of the Belvedere Palace, where the signed state agreement was shown to the cheering crowd. Celebrate this historic moment with us and hear the famous words of theformer Foreign Minister Leopold Figl: "Austria is free!" 

Fiaker Ride

Finally, take a seat in a comfortable carriage and fly back to the present day with the enchanting Fiaker Ride. Explore Vienna from the air and experience fantastic views of Hofburg Palace, Schönbrunn Palace, St. Stephen's Cathedral or the Viennese Prater which do not exist anywhere else!

Program and cast

Opening Hours

Daily 10:00 to 20:00 Tour start every 20 minutes ('00, '20, '40)

We ask you to arrive 15 minutes prior to tour start

Duration: about 50 minutes
Last admission at 19:00

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Time Travel Vienna

Opening hours

Open year-round
Daily from 10am to 8pm
Last tour starts at 7pm

Parking opportunities for cars

There is a special cooperation with Wipark Garage Freyung. There you can park regularly and receive discount tickets from us for your departure.
The price for 3 hours is € 5.90

Parking opportunities for busses

Burgring, opposite of Hofburg, access via Heldenplatz-Hofburg – Michaelerplatz

Public transport

These lines will bring you to Habsburgergasse: 
Underground: line U3 station Herrengasse, line U1 station Stephansplatz 
Bus: line 2A, station Habsburgergasse

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