The Little Prince Today

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PreviousJanuary 2021

In this performance – the latest in a series of original productions from the writing duo of Kratochvíl and Urban – you will, together with the Little Prince, explore human life on the planet Earth. Along with humorous, mysterious and breathtaking moments, you will discover where our planet is heading due to our own actions, and all that could happen... or even what can still be done to protect it.

The little prince explored the expanses of the universe, in order to discover what, in life, is of the upmost importance. But above all, he was intrigued by Earth, a beautiful and wonderful planet, where the inhabitants could be kind and noble, but at the same time irresponsible and cruel. When you see yourself through the Prince’s eyes, perhaps you will see clearly things which you did not even notice before.

Program and cast

Black Light Theatre Metro

In 2002, the Cartoon Theatre of Frantisek Kratochvil moved from Reduta to the Metro Theatre and thus began its next stage under the name of the Black Light Theatre Metro. At the same time Frantisek Kratochvil started to write a new performance, this time in a close collaboration on direction, screenwriting and choreography with Michal Urban, the director of the theatre. The results of this collaboration are one of the most successful black light theatre performances in Prague "LIFE IS LIFE", "DEJA VU" and the new "The Little Prince TODAY".

The premiere of the performance "Life is Life" in 2007 was highly appreciated by the audience. You can experience a common day and maybe a bit usual life with the main hero. Things around you get a more human form and help you to live a day according to your idea. A computer will welcome you as a good friend, a car will take you to the end of the world, spaghetti will jump straight into a plate. Would you like to play for example volleyball? No problem! If the ball does not get to you, you can get to the ball. The day is full of adventure, but as in life - everything has its end.

The latest premiere held in the Metro Theatre was in June 2014, it was the performance "DEJA VU". The motto of this performance is a quote by Albert Einstein - "I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots." The new concept of the original Black Light Theatre seriously and humorously deals with the contemporary lifestyle. It shows how modern communication technology controls a human destiny. It depicts a human life in a humorous way, poetically and truthfully without words using only the visual elements of a black light theatre, dance, pantomime and music.

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