The Birth of the Sun King

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June 2022

Program and cast

Semi-opera in four scenes and final dance

Music by Jean de Cambefort (1605-1661), Antoine Boësset (1587-1643), Louis Constantin (1697-1779), Michel Lambert (1610-1696), with excerpts from Ercole amante (1662) by Francesco Cavalli (1602-1676) and Orfeo (1647) by Luigi Rossi (1597-1653)

Libretto by Isaac de Benserade

Premiered at the Palais Petit-Bourbon of Paris on the 23rd of February, 1653

Premiere at the Teatro Real

Opera in concert version

Ensemble Correspondances


Conductor and musical reconstitution | Sébastien Daucé


The night / Italian Venus | Lucile Richardot

Eurydice / Cynthia / A French grace | Caroline Weynants

Venus / The silence | Caroline Dangin-Bardot

Pasithea / Mnemosyne / The dawn / A French grace | Perrine Devillers

An hour / Ianeira's moon / A French grace | Deborah Cachet

Juno | Ilektra Platiopoulou

Apollon | David Tricou

The dream | Étienne Bazola

Hercules | Maxime Saïu

The high priest | Nicolas Brooymans

Teatro Real

The Teatro Real is Spain's leading opera house. It is considered to be the top institution in the country in the music and performing arts field. 

The Teatro Real Foundation is chaired by the King and Queen of Spain. It relies on two public administrations that took part in its creation: the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports, and the Comunidad de Madrid (Regional Government of Madrid). The Foundation is governed by a Board of 31 trustees. The Board of Trustees elects the President of Board and the Executive Commission as proposed by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport. The Foundation is a public entity and there is an important role played by civil society in its governance and sponsorship. 

The objective of the Teatro Real is to create a venue for the most talented singers, conductors ands stage directors from around the world. Its artistic mission is expressed in programming which seeks excellence by combining classical and contemporary lyrical repertory to appeal to audiences of all ages and interests. Introducing young people and children to opera is of particular concern. All this, along with the Principal Chorus and Orchestra of the Teatro Real, the most up to date technological expertise and the large number of in house productions on stages around the world has firmly positioned the Teatro Real in Spain and abroad. 

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