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January 1970

A cabaret space flight in 21 stations

Director: Michael Niavarani

In the first Simpl-Revue, which I will also direct, may I introduce a new ensemble: Katharina Dorian, Jennifer Frankl, Ariana Schirasi-Fard, three comedians with great voices, feminist charm and the courage to beauty. Three satirical graces that turn every women's quota into a festival.

The male protagonists of the ensemble, some of whom are wanted by international warrant for shameless fooling around and infectious outrage, are Stefano Bernardin, Matthias Mamedof and Bernhard Murg. A trio of unbelievable stupidity (who on earth is supposed to play smart?) and already a bit rancid sex appeal. They are still looking for a wall to play each other on.

And as the cabaret starts to go silly on the head, the Simpl has a conférencier who just drives the punchlines in front of him: Joachim Brandl, who looks like Karl Farkas and Martin Flossmann fathered a child out of wedlock. He will lead through the evening and is already preparing the cocoa through which he will pull us all (for vegans also with almond milk).

The musical soul of this evening is the composer and pianist Johannes Glück. His melodies and chansons are world hits, if the world would only consist of the wool line. Allegedly Mozart has already appeared to him in a dream, to ask him why he is so bothered with new melodies and not just stealing from him.

The musical overall direction of the SIMPL is taken over by Christian Frank.

Program and cast

Kabarett Simpl

The "Simpl" in the Wollzeile in the first district of Vienna.
The Simpl is a cabaret opened in 1911 as beer cabaret Simplicissimus in Vienna-Innere Stadt. In the 1920s and 30s he produced cabaret greats such as Fritz Grünbaum and Karl Farkas. Until today it is one of the most successful and most important cabaret stages in Vienna. Name, lettering and the red bulldog refer to the Munich satirical magazine Simplicissimus, founded in 1896.

Opened on 25 October 1911 as the beer cabaret Simplicissimus, it was soon referred to by the Viennese as "Der Simpl". A colourful programme of chansons, piano improvisations and artistic performances etc. made the theatre one of the most popular cellar theatres in Vienna.

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