Lolita, musical

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PreviousJune 1970

Following its stunning Ljubljana debut with a spectacular The Master and Margarita and an unconventional Eugene Onegin, St Petersburg’s LDM Novaya Stsena theatre returns to Slovenia with a brilliant masterpiece of sensuality, fateful love and eroticism. The musical Lolita has little in common with Vladimir Nabokov’s eponymous novel about a perverse and tragic romance between a middle-aged man and his juvenile stepdaughter. All they have in common is the destructive love that can ruin us and lead into darkness and horror. The musical is the creation of an international co-production team with singing stars from Russian musical theatre and a magnificent corps de ballet, featuring stunning choreography, dazzling costumes and an innovative interactive backdrop with special visual effects. The story is set in the last few sunny days of the golden age of Russia before the outbreak of the revolution that led to the disintegration of the empire. Lolita is a symbol of purity, a forbidden fruit, a promised paradise with a vault of hellfire rising above it. It is a frightening love that leads to death.

Program and cast

Author and producer:  Irina Afanasjeva
Music, arrangements and sound: Anton Tanonov
Director: Irina Zjuzina
Choreographic concept: Anastasia Melnikova
Choreographer: Svjatoskav Meljnikov
Set design and costume design: Irina Afanasjeva
Set design: Sofia Tjuremnova

Festival Ljubljana

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