Joseph Haydn - Timpani Mass in St. Stephen's Cathedral

The Missa in tempore belli (Mass in the Wartime) already received this name from Joseph Haydn himself, because he wanted to remember the threat of Vienna by Napoleon's troops. There must have been an eerie atmosphere among the Viennese when, during the premiere in 1796 in the Agnus Dei, the drum beats reminded us of the drum rolls of the French troops.
Gerald Wirth, musical director of the Vienna Boys' Choir, will also conduct this concert. It is a project which offers choir singers from Austria and abroad the opportunity to perform this famous work in the cathedral after intensive workshops!
We look forward to this solemn, dignified evening and to your visit to St. Stephen's Cathedral!

Program and cast

Sing with us! Festival Choir
Vienna Cathedral Orchestra
Gerald Wirth, Management

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July 2019

St. Stephen's Cathedral

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