Almost Acoustic

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July 2021

Tomaž Domicelj always surprises us with his choice of guest or guests, and this year will be no different. With his virtuoso guitar playing and improvisation, Primož Grašič, two decades younger than Tomaž, will add a special flavour and feel – honed at thousands of concerts in Europe and America – to Domicelj’s compositions and interpretations. Although Tomaž does not belong to the circle of top jazz performers with whom Primož continues to forge his musical career, the two jovial musicians have been personal and family friends since the days when Grašič was only just starting to play seriously. Both are also comfortable working in a broader setting, be this in brief concert features for the radio or in the context of recordings and performances with the Big Band and other orchestras of RTV Slovenia.

Almost Acoustic will be the first official lengthier collaboration between these two Slovene musical icons: the singer-songwriter, lyricist, translator, guitarist and harmonica player Tomaž Domicelj, and Slovenia’s best guitarist (and arranger, composer, producer and session musician) Primož Grašič. Calm, romantically flowing waters and occasional spectacular fireworks, plus every imaginable intervening shade of natural and spontaneous live music-making, will issue forth from at least half a dozen acoustic and – this year – electric guitars played by the two master musicians. Domicelj’s texts, both sung and spoken, always give additional focus and insight to events at home and around the world, and to their repercussions.

Program and cast

Tomaž Domicelj, guitar, harmonica, vocals
Guest: Primož Grašič, guitars

Festival Ljubljana

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