Carlos Acosta, the prestigious and acclaimed dancer, star of the film Yuli directed by Icíar Bollaín and based on the dancer's autobiography Sin mirar atrás, published in Spanish by Plataforma Editorial, returns to the same stage where he presented the Spanish première in 2017 of his stunning new Cuban company, Acosta Danza. With a glittering career and countless successes as a dancer and choreographer, his innate talent for dance dazzles again, leading his own company founded in his native Havana. A young and surprising dance company capable of seducing audiences and critics worldwide in just three years since it was founded, where the pointe shoes, the traditional, the modern and the post-modern fuse completely naturally throughout the movements. Acosta Danza is, without a doubt, synonym for diversity, modernity and freshness. Crossover, fusion and a lot of dance come to Peralada this summer with choreographies such as Twelve by Jorge Crecis, Imponderable by Goyo Montero, by whom audiences can also see a new as yet untitled choreography, Mermaid by Sidi Larbi and Two by Russell Maliphant, the last two performed by Carlos Acosta himself exclusively for the Festival.

Carlos ACOSTA, director and dancer in a guest appearance

Program and cast




Choreography: Goyo Montero
Assistant choreographer: Iván Gil Ortega
Music: Owen Belton, from songs by Silvio Rodríguez
Costume design: Goyo Montero and Archel Angelo Alberto
Lighting design: Goyo Montero and Olaf Lundt

Imponderable is a reflection on what is incomprehensible, indescribable and what, as the title suggests, we cannot measure, the weight of the soul, of the spirit. How do you measure an emotion? How can we summarise the work so that the audience feels that we are talking directly to them, sometimes as though we were murmuring the ideas and sometimes like it was a constant hammer blow?

The Spanish choreographer has created a piece for 12 dancers inspired by the folk music of leading Cuban musician Silvio Rodríguez, known colloquially as ‘The Cuban John Lennon’. He is regarded as the leader of the Cuban “Nueva Trova” movement of the 1970s, which combines traditional trova folk music with progressive and often politicised themes of post-Revolution Cuban life.





Choreography: Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui
Assistant choreographer: Jason Kittelberger
Music: Woojae Park, Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui
Additional music:Erik Satie
Wardrobe: Hussein Chalayan (red dress)
Lighting design: Fabiana Piccioli
Performed by Carlos Acosta

Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui is an Associate Artist with Sadler’s Wells, known for his interest in a range of artistic and cultural practices. After including Faun in the Acosta Danza repertoire, Cherkaoui has explored another mythical creature for the company, invoking the idea of the Mermaid.

Instead of recreating the image of the mermaid literally, Cherkaoui puts contemporary dancer Marta Ortega in pointe shoes. Like a fish out of water, trying to walk on dry land or a stranger in an unknown region, her mermaid seeks help and guidance, which she gets when Carlos Acosta appears.

The music in collaboration with Woojae Park is inspired by traditional Korean sea songs, creating an eternal and emotional landscape for the dancers.



No title


A new choreography by Goyo Montero for ensemble.





Choreography: Russell MALIPHANT
Lighting design: Michael HULLS
Music: Andy COWTON
Performed by Carlos Acosta

Originally created in 1998 by Dana Fouras, Two was later performed by the legendary Sylvie Guillem as part of the PUSH programme. The dancer begins Two trapped inside a small light box. Repeating the same phrases with a growing intensity, the dancer wins us over with the captivating charm of his arms, shoulders and head.





Concept and direction: Jorge Crecis
Music: Vincenzo Lamagna
Costume design: Eva Escribano
Lighting design: Michael Mannion and Warren Letton

Twelve is a sport-dance piece, a universe regulated by complex mathematical and graphic permutations, a real risk that puts to the test the physical and mental resistance of 12 dancers who have to do the impossible to achieve the impossible. Twelve is a combination of logic, aesthetics and emotion, a puzzle that plays with the concepts of success and failure, risk and pragmatism, and that explores the limits of the human body. Twelve is an exclusive recreation by Acosta Danza based on the piece 36 created in 2011 by the Edge company and presented in 2012 at the Royal Opera House in London.

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